Who is Third Thursday?

Formed in Johannesburg in early 2004 as a loosely knit group of women friends who wanted to commit themselves to raising funds, support or awareness for various community-based organisations, Third Thursday aims to use its networks and contacts from all areas of life – from the corporate world to school PTAs – to add value to society.

Named simply for the fact that the group meets on the third Thursday of each month, the group has been able to add value thus far within the context of an evolving South Africa, one that despite its political leaps and bounds, faces very real issues: poverty and unemployment, the lack of access to decent education and healthcare, and economic and political instability.

Built on the belief that ‘my little bit counts’, Third Thursday has been committed to projects both big and small, both ad hoc and sustained for over a decade.

Third Thursdaya��s support of community initiatives is enabled by support from their community, a number of sponsors and speakers who donate their time.


Banking Details
Third Thursday
First National Bank
Branch 200607 (Merchant Pl.)
Account no: 62266779457