Creating hope amid corruption

@alechogg published a comment on #biznews from @Africa_Conf this week, following the SONA.  The article reveals the level of influence the Guptas exert over President Zuma, to their own financial advantage.  A battle between the Guptas and the Motsepes, both substantial ANC benefactors, has ensued, as they seek to increase their power within the ruling party.  But, easily missed, is the gem hidden in the final two paragraphs of the article (http://bit.ly/244x0YZ).

“The formidable potential of civil society has been re-activated in recent weeks and moves are now afoot to launch a major national organisation in March to hold government to account and monitor its progress.

The five-year project will be headed by church leaders by the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, the Right Reverend Thabo Makgoba and will include business leaders, academics, professional and community organisations and non-governmental organisations.”

I am encouraged and heartened by the actions of these committed South Africans … and honestly, where did we think  transformation in our beloved country would come from?  I think we have long relinquished the notion that the government will be at the helm of social and economic changes (though they are still accountable for the integrity and responsibility with which they lead the country).

Rather, leaders in all facets of society are recognising the need to collaborate in both practical projects and thinking forums, to effect change. I am excited about this shift because I believe this is the way that heart transformation happens.  We have seen in recent social media how deeply entrenched racial prejudice and stereotypes still are.  I believe one way in which these erode is when we roll up sleeves alongside someone from different race or culture, with a common purpose and a dose of understanding.  I am so often reminded how much more useful it is to ask curious questions than to make statements.

Recently, a friend organised a prayer meeting with South Africa as the particular focus.  The response was overwhelming, and we now gather every month.  All around the country are pockets of people wanting to effect change in their own way … and changing themselves in the process.  Perhaps, if you cannot start your own initiative, support those who have, and let’s see the impact of positive actions and attitudes – in contrast to the self-serving negativity of corruption.