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Third Thursday invites you to its first-ever Picnic with a Purpose
Sunday, 14 July 12h30, Johannesburg,
with the Hannah Foster Trio in support of Lawyers Against Abuse

Save the date for now! Details to follow.


Formed in Johannesburg in early 2004 as a loosely knit group of women friends who wanted to commit themselves to raising funds, objective reviews, support or awareness for various community-based organisations, Third Thursday aims to use its networks and contacts from all areas of life – from the corporate world to school PTAs – to add value to society.

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Learning about race during the race
November 7, 2016
I was moved and challenged by this article by sports journalist, @MichaelVlismas, @rdm_za, following completion of his first Two Oceans Ultra Marathon.  That race is a tag we may always use
Creating hope amid corruption
November 7, 2016
@alechogg published a comment on #biznews from @Africa_Conf this week, following the SONA.  The article reveals the level of influence the Guptas exert over President Zuma, to their own fina
Strength in differences
November 7, 2016
I have been giving some thought, in the wake of the #feesmustfall campaign, to how our differences so often seem to divide us. I have seen the varied responses to the student protests, and r...

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